How to fight resistance

By Marius on 2017-11-28 — 1 min read

You have to fight resistance whenever you want to create something. Whether it’s a book you need to write, a business you want to start or using what you just learned to make something, you meet resistance every day: resistance to change, to continue, to make time for creating, to get and keep good habits that help you finish.

You are stuck and you need a glass hammer to break the spell.

Prepare your tools and workspace. Keep the notebook open and the pen to it’s side, like the knight kept the horse, the armor and the arms near the tent.

Prepare your work. If you start a book, prepare the one-page overview, covering the story and fixing the genre. If you have the overview, outline the book’s chapters. If you start a new chapter, prepare the outline. If you start a section, choose the headline. So that each time you start you just need to fill in a missing whole in your work: a page in the current section, a new section of the current chapter, or a new chapter needed to finish the book.

Don’t prepare instead of working, only prepare so that you can do the work.

Don’t edit until you’re done.

Sit down and do the work. Each. Day.

Each evening think about tomorrow’s work, prepare the tools, the workspace or the outlines that you’ll need. If you prefer working in the evening, prepare in the morning.

Print out a calendar and cross each day you work towards your goal. Each cross is success.

Resistance 0 – You 1

Don’t lie to yourself. This is hard. You’re resisting.

Resistance 1 – You 1

Read a lot.

If you have other ideas about other books and businesses and new projects, write them down in a daily notebook. Congratulations! You will come back to them. Later.

Resistance 1 – You 2

Make time.

Ask a friend to check on you. Each day.

Failure is not showing up each day.
Success is lots and lots of small crosses.

Resistance 10 – You 99

Congratulate yourself whenever you finish a page, a chapter, or a book. This is hard work, bringing a new creation in the world.

Inspired by Steven Pressfield, Sean D’Souza and Amy HoyThanks.

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