A team of software developers is a complex, living thing, no matter the size. Your team is no different, as people jump on and off the team, projects come and go, products are being built for ever changing clients. The people working in your team have some challenges to get on board, follow up, contribute and do their part for the team’s success.

Do they understand the different projects or products they might need to work on? Are they aware of the most important clients or other companies the team interacts with?

Do you want to help them understand the team’s environment?

How people in your team organize their e-mails?

Do they share a common understanding of the structure of their work?

Does this reflect in the way the team structures the information as documents, e-mails, files, wiki, CRM or software?

Big and small, teams have also internal challenges, like communication, management, or daily chores, like the morning and evening commute:

Did your company just moved to new offices? Are you stressed out for your team, as some of them will have to spend more time in the morning traffic?

Our mission is to help small and medium software companies better organize their work and improve their business.