Did you just release a new version of your healthcare software application? Waiting impatiently that doctors, patients, or both, connect and try it out? Do you feel anxiety for the new features your team just added?

De Amicis is the home of a small web consultancy who’s mission is to help software development companies test their work. Our knowledge and expertise will help improve your projects outcome by making sure your application works as requested, while our usability reviews will add value to your product and make its users as happy as possible for a software project. De Amicis offers research of the quality of a user’s experience when interacting with a web site.

We can help your visual design team by providing usability reviews especially on the start of a project. Then we can work closely to your development team and develop test protocols and test the requirements throughout the life of the project. This way, when you are done, the tests are already developed, organized and can be followed by our testers.

As we believe there is no such thing as a “finished” product, we can help you even after you deliver your work, by providing usability reviews of the final product, allowing you to provide follow-up developments and improvements.

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