My name is Marius Popescu. I run a brand called De Amicis.

It all started with developing software and moving to France. But that’s a long story, for another day.

The short version is in order to make a change that lasts you need to focus on three points:

  • Empathy
  • Structure
  • Energy

Empathy helps you learn

I spent more than 15 years learning – first how to develop software, then how to work with large clients, how to budget, develop and deliver huge projects. After working on projects for so long, I could see the benefits of creating products, serving many clients instead of one customer, understanding the actual needs and finding ways to keep the product consistent.

Marketing and sales were just the next logical steps. Understanding the client and being able to talk to them and explain how your product will solve their problem, with their words and in their language, that’s what I would call good marketing. Without selling your products you have no business, so you better understand the sales process: moving a client from lead to paying customer, your market constraints, your sales approach and what your business needs to sell to be viable.

Both your clients and your team need empathy and understanding

Big and small, a team is a complex, living thing. Yours is no different, as people jump on and off the team, projects come and go, products are being built for ever-changing businesses. Your team has some challenges to get new members on board, follow up and mentor them, make sure everyone contributes and do their part for the team’s success.

Teams also face internal challenges, like good communication, management, or daily chores, like the morning and evening commutes:

Did your company just moved to new offices? Are you stressed out for your team, as some of them will have to spend more time in the morning traffic?

Helping small and medium software organizations improve their business

My goal is to help you run a better team, deliver better products and improve your business by a thoughtful approach to your team’s management, your sales and your marketing.

How do you take new people on board?

How people in your team organize their e-mails?

Do they understand the different projects or products they might need to work on?

Are they aware of the most important clients or other companies the team interacts with?

Do you want to help them understand the company’s environment?

Do they share a common understanding on how to structure their work?

Solving real problems with software products

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Thanks for reading!