Choose your new office location (while keeping your employees happy)

By Marius on 2018-01-21 — 2 mins read

Rent increase is making you consider renting new offices?
Prices falling while you’re trapped in an office that became expensive, and it’s not even so great anymore? Tough year, less money or bad economy make you consider moving to a smaller office?

Before moving to a new location, would you say keeping your colleagues and employees happy with the office location important? Then read on.

You began your search by having someone looking for new locations, maybe near to the old one, or more comfortable for you. But did you think about other team members, some very important for your business or who won’t be able to go to a farther location?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to compare how the new offices compare to the old ones from the point of view of the employees? At least to make sure you won’t worsen the daily commute for most of them.

Would you need a Google Maps that would focus on your new offices? Like the globe maps that focus on Russia or China, showing the world upside-down (from our point of view), things will also look different from your new point of view.

Because after an office move things will change.  Some will have to go later to work to avoid longer commute, so they will also be going home later and might need to delay some evening activities, like taking kids from school. Or skip others altogether, like the regular walk or jogging.

For those that just have to accept spending more time on longer commutes, getting more tired every day will accumulate and stress them out, make them more irritated and less productive. Family issues may occur because they’re no longer able to be there for kids or unexpected events.

If you’re a team lead, manager or in charge of the office move, you could do something to prevent these problems, or minimize their impact, as much you can, as your position allows it.

You could buy a city map and have an assistant try to pin all employees addresses on that map and evaluate the impact of the move. Or use Google Maps in the same way. There are also online platforms and software that can help you calculating commute distances especially in big cities around the world – MapZen, TimeTravel, BaseMap, MobilityLabel and others.

Our plan is to look at different ways to look at the office location impact on employees, while building an easy to use and simple service.

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