How to estimate your team commute to the new offices?

By Marius on 2018-01-18 — 1 min read

The office move was complicated, as it always is. In ways you cannot expect.

You’re tired, but you’re done.

Your first weeks pass along and you begin to find your way to the new office.

You tried some different routes, then left a bit earlier or later, until you think you find the best trade-off.

What about your teammates? Are they happy with the new office? Is it the same as the old office for all of them? There always seems to be farther for a couple of your colleagues. Or busier at the usual time, so they need to adjust the time they leave for work. And sometimes the time to go back home too, as a consequence.

If you’re concerned or even responsible for your team you can do something: you can estimate how happy the team is with the new commute and then compare with the old one.

Of course, this would be better done before the move, but anyway, now’s always the best time to do it.

Make a list of your teammates. Work with your manager’s assistant or HR responsible to make the list. Then calculate the best routes each one had for going to and from work, at each one’s usual times of arrival and departure. The duration is important, that’s the first thing to compare. Calculate average, minimum and maximum and total duration.

Then do the routes calculations for the old office.

Compare the two tables. Compare the average, minimum, maximum and totals.

Now you have something to discuss, first with your team, later with management, if needed. This can also show some people which are more impacted than others. Talk to them, and try to improve their commute: car pooling, public transportation are always possible in big cities. Partial Work from home programs are another possible solution for them.

Keep track of the commute scores every 3-6 months, and for new employees. If you did what was possible to be done and the trend stays flat or improves, that’s a success.

1. Calculate team commute avg/min/max/totals
2. Compare numbers between new and old offices
3. Act for the team, then for the most affected people

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